Create and publish content for every platform and and all your portals in one system.

One tool to manage all conent in all channels you provide it.

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is a digital publishing platform

that enables you to manage and present digital content in many titles, magazines, portals and applications.

Everything is in one place, and you can keep publishing process as you do it in real life - all roles and tasks are there old fashioned way, or any way you want, as we can customize the system however you like it.

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is mobile first!

It can be native mobile app for newspaper, magazine or internet content portal.

It is the first system we know, that can supply content from every single channel to dedicated native phone/tablet app.

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Oh yes! It's also a CMS!

It can be also classic system to provide content on www site. Or it can transfer the content to dedicated specialized publishing software so you can print it on paper. It can provide any medium you want with all the content you create!

This user friendly tool can be integrated with all systems used by the publishing house.

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